Participant’s Reactions

What phrase would you use to describe the Washington Youth Tour?

  • It was an experience of a “Lifetime.”
  • “Exciting & Fun & Memorable”
  • Beyond my greatest expectations!
  • Extremely Fun!
  • I had a Blast!
  • A once in a lifetime opportunity!
  • See your Capitol!
  • An exciting, eventful, and extremely educational tour!
  • One sweet deal!

What will you remember most from this year’s Youth Tour?

  • The feeling I had when I saw the Capitol and the Monuments for the very first time.
  • The people & friends I met during the trip.
  • The awesomeness of visiting our Nation’s Capitol and being able to see the Government inaction.
  • Seeing the WWII Memorial
  • Arlington National Cemetery, it showed me how many people had died fighting or supporting Our Great Nation!
  • I will remember the friends I made and the amazing sites I saw.
  • I will remember seeing and going to the Capitol Building the most.
  • The leadership of this Country is not simply sitting in the Oval Office.
  • The sites and people that make this Country what it is.

What one site, event, or activity left the greatest impression on you?

  • The changing of the guard at Arlington Cemetery left the greatest impression.
  • The Lazy Suzan dinner Theater
  • The National Cathedral
  • WWII Memorial
  • Arlington National Cemetery
  • The Smithsonian Museums
  • I really enjoyed going to Fort McHenry
  • The Holocaust Museum touched me like nothing else
  • The Capitol Building

What will you tell students who are eligible for the next tour?

  • Try your hardest, it’s worth it!
  • Go for it!
  • Go for it, It’s definitely worth the time and effort.
  • You will have one of the best times of their lives.
  • You will be missing a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  • Yes, it requires some effort, but it’s really worth it.
  • They should really try to go and make it!!!
  • Look at this competition as a challenge, a challenge that you want to conquer.
  • The efforts are worth the rewards